Hydrotherapy is one of the treatment methods that has been of interest for a long time and today it is used as one of the most important and effective methods of treatment in physiotherapy. Hydrotherapy reduces the patient's pain and strengthens the weakened joints and muscles and increases the range of motion of the joints.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic method to reduce pain and increase the range of joint movements and limb strength using water.

This method is widely used in physiotherapy; In fact, water therapy is an exercise method for patients who do not respond to physical therapy treatments outside of water. Also, this treatment method is very useful and appropriate for pregnant women, especially those who want to experience childbirth in water or the elderly.

Performing various sports movements related to hydrotherapy can greatly relieve muscle fatigue, although the purpose of hydrotherapy is not only to strengthen the muscles of athletes; In addition to this method, there is also a hydrotherapy diet that is suitable for slimming and fitness; It is better to say that this healing agent works miracles for health.

How to perform water therapy, this method is also known by other names such as pool therapy and hydrotherapy. Certainly, when the soothing flow of water reduces the effect of gravity, it will be easier to do sports. As we said, water therapy and related movements are usually done in warm water. In different types of water treatment methods, the water temperature is kept between 29 and 34 degrees Celsius. This temperature, in addition to making a person feel relaxed, also relieves physical pain. Also, it is much easier to do sports in water; Because in these methods water resistance force is used instead of weight; As a result, hydrotherapy puts less pressure on the joints.

Benefits of hydrotherapy:

Its simplest benefits are relieving fatigue, strengthening body muscles and slimming.

1- Water viscosity and muscle strengthening

2- Hydrostatic pressure and improving the function of the heart and lungs

3- Improving blood circulation

4- Hydrotherapy for slimming Hydrotherapy for slimming the abdomen and sides

5- Muscle relaxation properties

6- Treatment of depression 

Other properties of hydrotherapy:

Health and beauty of skin and hair

Increase the metabolism of body tissues

Increasing lung breathing volume and treating its infections

Increase bowel movements and prevent constipation

 Hydrotherapy is not suitable for everyone

This substance of life may also have disadvantages. Normally, these people should not do sports in the water:

Skin and fungal infections

high fever

Severe osteoporosis



High blood pressure

Urinary frequency or incontinence

Muscle strain or tear

Allergy to chlorine

Hydrophobia or fear of water

What do you think about hydrotherapy? If you have back pain or spinal problems or a certain disease, it is better to try hydrotherapy in the pool; Of course, it is better to get help from a therapist and specialist in doing sports.