Algae cause the pool water to turn green. If the amount of chlorine is below the standard for any reason, algae will grow in the pool. But what can be done to prevent the growth of algae?

The most common reason for green swimming pool water is lack of chlorine. Without chlorine in the pool water, algae will start to grow quickly. If no chlorine is added to the water when this process begins, algae can grow to the point where the entire pool turns green within a day.

The hotter the water, the faster this process is done. Chlorinated water is not safe for swimming and can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.Water molecules have a strong tendency to collect bacteria. Therefore, if you do not use chemicals to balance the pool water, the water may turn green. Algae grow quickly in these conditions and destroy the quality of the pool water.

Methods to prevent pool water from turning green

Some of the methods and principles that are used to prevent the water from turning 

1- Cleaning the pool filter:

One of the most important reasons for the pool water turning green is the filter system not working. If your pool does not have a proper water purification system, it becomes a suitable environment for algae growth.After the bacteria and algae grow in the pool, the pool water will undoubtedly turn green.As swimming pools are different from each other, their filters are also different from each other. Therefore, for each pool, you need to buy its own filter.

2- Pool water balance:

Chlorine is one of the best water disinfectants to prevent pool water from turning green. Chlorine is used in swimming pools to kill and destroy bacteria. This chemical makes the color of the water transparent and increases the quality of the water.Different pools have different bacteria that can negatively affect the water. If the water balance is not the right amount, it allows the bacteria to do more activity. In fact, you have to maintain the water balance so that it does not get too low or too high.The pH balance of the pool should be between 7.2 and 7.8 so that the pool water does not turn green.

3-Shock with chlorine and anti-algae solutions:

One of the best and fastest methods that you can use to prevent pool water from turning green is a sudden shock to the pool using chlorine. remove it is not green, you should know that this method is the best method that you can use.